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The MarGone Cancer Program

The program is a revolutionary way of understanding and curing the self from cancers and other maladies. The body holds the key to healing cancer with the support of nature in it's purest form.

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It is relatively easy to eradicate cancer

Cancer is the result of nutritional deficiency.  Although many nutrients are key to great health, Silica holds special importance.  Silica plays a key role in facilitating the body's healing response.  The MarGone Cancer Program teaches you how to leverage complete nutrition, and realize absolute health.

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Dan's Foot

When doctors gave up on Dan – bone infection – after 5 years of suppressive treatment – (three surgeries and years of antibiotic use) the MarGone Cancer Program saved his life.

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Fungus – The Silent Killer

FUNGUS – THE SILENT KILLER Yeast and mold belong to a broader family of life called fungus. Fungus, of which Candida is the most common, is a microorganism that normally... Read more »

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Nutrition and Cancer

Nutrition and Cancer. Good nutrition helps strengthen the body and deal with health challenges without damaging the body in the process. All the components- food and herbs – of the... Read more »

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Dear Friends, Hoping you all had a lovely Easter. There is good evidence that deuterium (depleted water) is beneficial in the treatment of cancer. Deuterium can be sourced from natural... Read more »

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Scurvy – The Killer Disease

Killer disease Scurvy is simply deficiency of VITAMIN C – and no one can deny it today – but yet millions lost their lives before people could utilize this knowledge,... Read more »

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MarGone Cancer – Profound Healing

YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF OF CANCER Your body is one with Nature. Nature itself contains healing powers far superior to any humanly conceived treatments. It is impossible to fully understand... Read more »

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MarGone Cancer – Miraculous Healing

The MarGone Cancer Program is unique in it’s approach to the elimination of cancer from the body. The Program uses Silica to unlock the incredible healing potential of one’s own... Read more »

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Luka Tomic

Sinus infection and polyps in the nose One surgery and the doctors told him that he will have to have them frequently because there is nothing else they could do.... Read more »

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Hi There Dr. Maria, I’m really happy to hear from you again, I hope that I can come back some day and share my good news “that I lost my... Read more »

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Katarzyna’s Testimony

Katarzyna of Krosno, Poland (mother of six) came to see me in 1997 with cancer of the lymphatic glands. She had an egg size growth on her neck and under... Read more »

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