Dan’s Story (Bone Infection)

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Dan’s Story

Dan’s Foot Showing Abscess

A random meeting with Maria saved my husband’s life!  In January, 2011, we noticed an odd bump on the side of his foot as Dan could not do up the strap on his sandal while we were on a warm vacation.  Later in the spring, Dan broke his foot, just walking across a room.  The x-ray showed something odd in the bone.   Many scans and tests were done to determine what was wrong.   The word cancer kept coming up and there was a lot of concern.   It was determined by an infectious specialist that Dan had a ‘Brodie’s abcess’.   This is an infection that becomes encapsulated inside a bone, the cause often unknown, and it is very hard to rid of.  It could be from a previous injury where something gets inside the bone and it grows around the foreign matter, possibly remaining for years.

Dan was sent to a surgeon who cleaned out the abcess through surgery.   Within a few days of the surgery, pressure would build up and pus came out the side of his foot.  There were three surgeries and each time the same leakage.  The pus built up within a few days like a little volcano.  Dan would clean it up, then the pressure would build again in a few days repeating itself again every 3 or 4 days.

Another Shot of Dan’s Infected Foot

Dan had  pik-line antibiotic treatments for 6 – 8 weeks following each operation.  He also was prescribed close to two years worth of strong oral antibiotics.   None of these antibiotics took care of the infection.  The abscess continued.  In April 2015, Dan was informed by the infectious diseases specialist  that there was nothing else he could do for him and that the next possibility if it was worse was to remove the foot.   This was not an option we could accept.

We were left feeling discouraged and started to search for alternative solutions.   We had started using essentials oils topically and orally in January 2015 and noticed very small changes.  The pus had more clear liquids in it.

In July we looked into bentonite clay knowing that it could draw out infection.   Dan started using the clay in September which we had sourced from the USA.  We were amazed what came out of his foot, not just from the wound site, but also through the skin.   We realized that the infection was not localized.  Dan used the clay for about 40 days.   He got a terrible rash.  The hole in the side of his foot which had been open for nearly five years closed.  However, his ears got swollen and dripped yellowy liquid.   His lymph nodes went crazy.  The nodes in his groin area were hard and the size of an egg, especially on his left side on the leg where the problem was.  The whole thing was frightening to see.  The infection was trying to get out of his body, as well as years worth of antibiotic and drugs from surgery.  It was obvious that the infection was systemic.

During September, Dan saw several Doctors, one who had a conference call with several other dermatologists and infectious diseases specialists to figure things out.  They came up with the same prescription for antibiotics that he had been on with no affect.   They said to take it for no longer than 10 days because it was strong and should work.  A cortezone cream was also prescribed.  One Doctor said he was having an allergic reaction and prescribed an antihistamine.   Dan had about eight Dr. opinions.  Nothing was effective.

Dan’s Foot Healed After The MarGone Cancer Program

At the end of September, 2016, I met maria on a park bench at Princess Island Park in Calgary.  I had been babysitting my grandchild for the day, and Maria was spending the day writing.  I was feeling cold as the sun was getting low and the only bench in the sunshine was the one Maria was sitting on!  I chose to sit there with her instead of the empty one in the shade.  We chatted about the baby, then after chatting for a bit, the conversation turned to the fact that Maria had worked for 30 years in nutrition.   I told her I had been praying for the next step with my husbands situation because we knew he was in trouble and we needed help.   Maria said she could help, that she was amazed that we did the clay (even  though it’s not the way she would have done it)  She restored my hope.