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My Dear Subscriber!

I welcome you with all my heart to my current website – will be redoing it somewhat to make it more simple and enjoyable for you to read. However the underlying ideas cannot and will not change because they are written in stone.

 Only our ignorant and greedy pharmaceutical industry with its pill pusher’s doctors will keep on saying that they know better. Yes purchase they know better but only how to inflict suffering and speed up death for millions of our fellow man.

Drug industry is trying to make us believe that there way is the only way for us to recover from illness but in actual truth it is only the way for them to make money on those on whom they inflict suffering and death without any remorse.

Nature is superior to the creation of the human mind and all we need to do is to observe it and learn from it but never alter it because it will and it is already turning against us. Pills can only musk symptoms never cure.

The challenge is that maintain good health or recovering from an illness involves effort and takes time but if one wants to go on fooling oneself out of this meaningful truth one could get very disappointed with the results provided by the proponents of our based on suppressive system medical practices and no one to turn to when they are out of solutions. Please see Dan’s story under testimonials to open your eyes.

I would have no guts, like most people to criticize the useless practices if I did not have an alternative – it would just be an empty talk.

My MarGone Cancer Program offers a very easy to follow alternative to employ your own inherent healing device with the support of unadulterated nature. And it works without any side effects.

Cancer, like scurvy is caused by nutritional deficiency and healed by supplying the missing nutrient but not in the form of a pill but directly from nature.

It is all up to you but I am convinced that believing in and following my idea can allow you to create a health body which is your most important tool in living your life to the fullest.

With all my love,