Luka Tomic

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Sinus infection and polyps in the nose

One surgery and the doctors told him that he will have to have them frequently because there is nothing else they could do. By following MarGone Cancer Program only for several weeks so far Luka is on his way to a total recovery.

Yea, time flies, I am really starting to feel better these days, my mood has been great (back to normal).

I am feeling much more motivated and inspired, which is new to me because usually in the bad weather I feel down, but the past week I have really gotten back into form. 

For the first time during this whole problem I am starting to really believe I can fix it & seeing the light at the end of the tunnel how they say, what a blessing that I met you wow.. I appreciate everything you have done for me really. 

It made me see that regaining and maintaining usefulness is another very important benefit of the MarGone Cancer Program.