MarGone Cancer – Profound Healing

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Your body is one with Nature. Nature itself contains healing powers far superior to any humanly conceived treatments. It is impossible to fully understand Nature’s enormous potential in healing all manner of maladies, including one of the most feared, cancer.
I am excited to share a story of a healing unfolding, unlocking Nature’s incredible healing power through the MarGone Cancer Program. This is one woman’s incredible story.
Jackie is a breast cancer patient, and a most extraordinary person to work with. Her breast cancer started in 2016 with a small growth under the skin of one breast. She completely refused conventional treatment (chemotherapy, radiation) and tried to implement whatever she knew about natural healing to help herself recover. Some of the things she tried included sauna treatments, coffee enemas, juicing, jumping on a trampoline in addition to implementing a healthy diet.
In 2018 at the beginning of the year, the skin over the growth opened up and puss started to discharge. In time, a tumor started to appear and grew larger and larger each day eventually appearing as a big bloody wound with strings of white and yellow tumor matter attached to it with a foul smell of rotting flesh.
It was a very disturbing sight to see, not for sensitive people. Jackie persisted with it, following her established regime, and changing the gauze as often as she could.
At the end of March, 2019, she wrote to me with questions regarding the poultices she wanted to start using. She sent me a picture, which was so horrific, I jumped out of my seat! It was obvious to me that the remedies she was using were far too weak, and simply could not contain the malicious cancer. I am convinced she was going to lose the battle in mere months. I decided I must see to her immediately, understanding the urgency of her predicament, and the imminent need to initiate powerful healing.
I prepared myself for my visit with Jackie the next morning. She lives in a city a few hour’s drive from me. I packed the essentials of my MarGone Cancer Program including Aqueous natural source silica.
Upon arrival, I immediately began Jackie on the MarGone Cancer Program. Initial results were astounding. Within 16 hours, visual changes were stunning. The wound itself was closed, less scarred in appearance, with a healthier colour. It was obvious that a change had occurred, it was healing. We were ectstatic!
Jackie has been following the MarGoneCancer Program for a month now, and the results continue to be impressive. Jackie says that it feels like the tumor is now separated from her breast by a barrier, and it does not sit so strongly on the breast, new, pink skin has appeared on upper and lower part of the tumor and it split into 3 parts – it may be that it will be easier for her system to devour this horrible growth in parts – so I think. There is much less white and yellow strings (I believe this is fungus) on the surface of the tumor and the overall size is smaller.
Her GP confirmed (on the bases of laboratory testing) that whatever she is doing all looks great and there is no need for surgically removing the tumor because her body will dissolve it. WOW, we were in awe that even her doctor can see that she is on her way to total recovery.
I truly admire this woman for putting up with such a horrible site and all the discomfort that goes with it to be true to her conviction. WOW. I do not think I could do it so in my eyes she is a heroine and I am so glad that she has found me to give me and my MarGone Cancer Program save the life worse saving.
Silica from Nature in water solution properly administered can do wonders and every cancer patient; prior to destruction of chemotherapy can win the battle with the most vicious of all health challenges – CANCER with the help of MarGone Cancer Program, which is available on line.
Jackie’s case is very difficult and I visit her every few weeks but we are on our way to total recovery however I have many patients who live at the great distance from me but we communicate by e-mail and phone and the results of following The Program are astounding.

If you or your loved one suffers from cancer, please do not hesitate to contact me ASAP.