Scurvy – The Killer Disease

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Killer disease Scurvy is simply deficiency of VITAMIN C – and no one can deny it today – but yet millions lost their lives before people could utilize this knowledge, however available prior to year 1497.

Today’s killer disease Cancer is simply deficiency of SILICA but yet millions are still dying of it because simple is complicated for the benefit of those who are in power. State-of-the-art medical equipment, chemotherapy or radiation can not solve that challenge because ‘ man is a unit of body and mind, a marvel of nature that is subject to nature’s laws.’

I am firmly convinced that despite the great achievements and advancements of modern medical science we ourselves – even with the most sophisticated medical equipment – cannot do the healing. Only nature can heal and cure. We can help and support nature and its laws that make a cure possible. Dr. H.C. Alfred Vogel – The Nature Doctor.


Dr. Vogel