The 22nd Century Idea

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The 22-nd Century Idea

It looks like with the advancement of time in many areas of life people come up with much simpler solutions to the challenges of life. Modes of communication are faster and simpler to use, that applies to traveling and communications between people. Hairstyles and dresses for woman are so much simpler and easier to use than century ago. Washers, dryers, blenders, refrigerators, juicers and food processors make our house chores so much simpler but this is only in relation to our material aspect of life.

How about our bodies? Hundreds of diseases, so many suppressible treatments and so many diets. So called experts have different opinions on what is good for you to eat and how you should solve your health problem. But yet your body is a living organism with its inner wisdom to choose what and how much is the best for it to function at its best.

We can see animals how they will refuse to eat what is not good for them and yet they have no experts to listen too so how do they know? They can also chose the best grass and herbs that serve them at the given moment but will not eat them some time later.

One boy in Austria – I believe that it was Sebastian Kneip – observed a wounded deer washing himself in a mountain stream, every day at the same time, to heal his wounds, amazed was that boy when one day that dear was totally healed and run through the forest. So one day when this boy was run over by a horse driven carriage he healed himself in the same way as the animal he observed did. Later in his life he based his water therapy for humans on the observations of animals in nature.

My Polish friend once told me that during the Second World War he was given by the German’s a horse which suffered from cancer. When this horse was taken to the pasture he was eating horsetail herb which grew wildly on the fields and in time the horse was free from a disease. How did he know what herb to choose and how much of it he needed?

Simple remedies from Nature can totally heal us but people like to complicate matters by suppressing symptoms and using poisons instead of unadulterated food. So sad.

So the 22-nd Century idea may just be that there is always only ONE major Nutrient to heal a particular ailment. Like vitamin C for scurvy and Silica for cancer. Isn’t that easy, simple and workable but will people believe in such simplicity?