The Miracle of Flaxseed

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The Miracle of Flax Seed Oil in relation to a knee problem.

Flax seed oil is fantastic for our health and it helps with many different ailments but this time I want to talk about knee problem which many people struggle with and the only solution our medical system has to offer is steroids injections – OUCH

Flax Seed

This particular simple method helped many of my patients but recently I was asked by my new patient about her father in-low’s knee problem which persisted for years despite very frequent injections of steroids. Not having the time to go over particulars of that knee problem all I told my client is to massage flax seed oil onto the knee at least one time per day or more often if possible.

Six weeks later I received a text from my new client thanking for the solution and saying that her father in-low followed my instruction and by now can even run as there is no more knee problem. He is going around his village and telling everyone who wants to listen to use flax seed oil in a similar health situation.

Anna from my Polish group also had a persisting knee problem not being able to walk up and down the stairs and was taking steroid injections as a standard medical approach. But she was smart enough to seek a different solution so I advised her to do exactly the same as I advised my client’s father in-low. And after several weeks she had no more problem with her knees and I was invited to her house for lunch as a thank you gesture for my help.

Such a simple solution but yet it can be so painful and complicated. This is only a small example of suffering and struggle of people advised harmful and suppressive treatment with man-made chemicals which have no place in our bodies.

Health problems on a much larger scale also have simple solutions but as long as the common solutions are drug related people suffer and will suffer to no avail. But you my friends and followers know better what to do or where to seek proper advice.