Why do people keep on dying from Cancer?

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Why do people keep on dying from Cancer?

Results are the best measuring stick to assess whether an idea implemented in the particular problem resolution is working or not.

When it comes to the most devastating illness of our times’ Cancer, the solutions used in the form of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation do not only fail in providing healing but they are devastating to human health and very often contribute to an early death. This results in fear of the disease and its treatment and the statement “you have cancer” paralyzes the patient’s thinking and leads to the incorrect decision of following conventional approach which very often debilitates the body to the point of no return to the healthy state.

Unfortunately, this standard medical approach with its pharmaceutical strong and financially powerful supporters create lots of propaganda with constant television, radio, and other campaigns – like a Pink ribbon — propaganda. The majority of people are totally unaware, however, it is so obvious, of the workings of the human body, do not question the basic principles on which this suppressive treatment is based and blindly follow the trend.

The underlying problem with millions of people dying of cancer is that those who believe in a wrong resolution to the cancer challenge hold the power and persistently, despite horrific results, keep on advocating it for all the wrong reasons, like greed and medieval habitual thinking.

The human body is made of nutrients, not man made chemicals and no one ever dies of chemical deficiencies but rather excess of it. Chemical treatments are symptoms suppressive and not addressing the true causes of the health challenge.

Powerful human body breaks down mainly due to accumulated – sometimes over the years of chemical exposure or wrong lifestyle – toxins, including overgrowth of pathogens like germs, viruses, fungus, and worms plus nutritional deficiencies. The body becomes acidic and it cannot utilize its healing power which is a very important part of the bodily function.

The medical system understood the importance of the immune system and devised a new approach called Immunotherapy, however still using chemicals not the powerful nutrients in their original form. The reason being is that Nature cannot be patented and made into drugs which can be sold in millions and generate big profits. So it cannot and does not work.

In recent years some people try their best in advocating so-called Alternative or Natural treatments which is a very good trend but this kind of approach is still not very established and trust promoting.

 Many people propose very week solutions based on their limited knowledge of Nature – everyone knows something about natural healing and tries to pass this knowledge to others as very important but in actual fact, the knowledge may be only helpful but not addressing the main issue of very powerful immune system enhancers.

People get very confused with all this information, do not like to travel to clinics often very expensive and far away from home and are not provided with comprehensive, workable solutions for home implementation.

Very often time is wasted on finding the correct approach with no firm criteria on which to make a decision. In some cases, the standard approach is tried and only when it fails other options are being surged for.

This situation creates great difficulty for natural healing because the situation worsens very fast, the body is weakened and natural defenses greatly compromised. Bringing such a depleted body back to its natural state takes time and great effort with very difficult to deal with detoxification symptoms, like feeling sick all over, vomiting, skin rash and pass coming up from various organs of the body. In such a situation people may lose hope in Natural treatment and stop following the program which can be devastating to the body and completely stops the healing process.

I understand how difficult it can be to work hard on healing the body and still have to go through so much pain and discomfort but all we can do is to support the natural healing mechanism and go along with it – it knows better than us what needs to be done and all we can do is to support this fabulous device to the best of our knowledge.

Coaching is very often needed for spiritual support, making sure that the correct implementation of the program takes place and a reminder that the disease did not develop overnight and cannot be healed as fast as we like. The human body has its natural rhythm and ways in which it works for our benefit. I believe that with all the knowledge we possess the marvelous ways of workings of our perfect system are still greatly unknown to us. But luckily we know enough what to do to bring on detoxification and healing. In this respect, there are considerable numbers of approaches and a person in need of this knowledge has to be convinced that a particular Program will bring the results she/he is hoping for.

It is not easy to believe in something that you have no knowledge of, especially if the process is long and full of hard times. But this belief is a must to achieve what we are after.

When it comes to total belief in following Based on Nature Program our medical system with their health depleting ideas creates the most devastating obstacles.

Dan – bone infection – who was healed by my program came for help after the symposium of doctors decided there is nothing else they can do to heal him, after 3 surgeries and several years of antibiotics.  Dan’s system was so devastated due to the process of so-called healing that not only it took 8 month for the total recovery but he suffered a great deal of discomfort in the process of true healing.

He had no other choice but to stay on my program, which made it easier for him to follow but I also supported him to stay on track. His wife was marvelous in following the program and without her, we would not get to the finish line. We achieved Dan’s total healing but it does not have to be so difficult if the illness can be addressed in the early stages and without the medical system’s interference.

For that reason to help those in need of such instructions, I have created the MarGone Cancer Program which is available on-line and can be followed at home.

The MarGone Cancer Program is based on a very powerful Nutrient – SILICA – from the unadulterated plant in water solution to be properly absorbed by the body. Any other form of Silica (powder, capsules, tablets or jell) does not have the needed strength to facilitate detoxification and healing. It has to be administered in special proportions depending on the weight, taken at specific times of the day with needed brakes.

Silica is the basic element of life – thanks to it life is possible. It is responsible for the correct transfer of information between the brain and the cells and that helps the body to facilitate healing.

It is very interesting that silica is abandoned where life is created, renewal and rejuvenation take place but it is absent when the organism is dying. The acidity of the system is highly related to an excess of calcium and deficiency of silica. Silica is the main component of the human matrix, responsible for capturing the energy from the Sun and through different metabolic processes providing us the energy we need to live and heal. Most minerals do not find its proper place in the human body because of lack of silica which also provides detoxification of all the heavy metals. After several weeks of taking silica, basal metabolism improves and the vitality and joy of living gradually return.

The deficiency of silica leads to symptoms of diseases, including the most chronic health problems like cancer.

Silica plays the most important role in MarGone Cancer Program however other Nature-based powerful Nutrients from food are also included with the addition of supportive plants specific to different organs of the human system, for a more rounded and potent approach to healing.

With the help of unadulterated and powerful Nature, fabulous healing can take place and based on this principle idea MarGone Cancer Program was built. It provides comprehensive step by step instructions and explanations to the sufferers (some human bodies may be too far debilitated to facilitate healing) of all kinds of health problems, including cancer. In time and with effort, with the help of the outstanding human inborn healing system total freedom from the disease can be experienced.

With Love,

Maria Gonet MSc.


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