COVID – 19 and the Protective Power of Rose Hips – All Year Round Fruit of Alberta.

The other day I have heard a statement made by Naheed Nenshi the Major of Calgary that washing hands and distancing is the only way they (officials at City Hall updated by the doctors of Alberta) know how to prevent COVID -19. The other being a lock down when most businesses lose their ravenous and people get under a very damaging to health stress which further weakens their immune system and opens the gate to what is supposed to prevent in the first place.

His advice is so limited just because the vast knowledge of wonderful and health enhancing benefits of Nature is being suppressed by those who can find a pill for everything under the sun for monetary gain.

There are many immune system supportive nutrients which can help in guarding against viruses and other kinds of pathogens but the very obvious one that comes to mind for the people of Alberta is WILD ROSE – the emblem of the province.

Rose hips are rich in vitamins A, B, E and K and only 3 hips can contain as much vitamin C as an orange. No one needs to explain here how beneficial vitamin C is in fighting infections and it may be more powerful than the recommended measures.  

The rose hips remain on the branches throughout winter, so they are available when most other fruits are gone. Hips can be eaten fresh, dried or frozen or used in tea, jam. Jelly, syrup, wine or other alcohol like vodka. You cannot overdose like with medication so all is good and safe. Let’s go for it.  

What an inexpensive way of guarding against COVID and so much fun to go with the family on a rose hip picking spree.

All that needs to be done is to communicate this knowledge to the people and lock downs may not be necessary.


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