Winning over cancer without the Cancer Industry!

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Let’s expose the cancer industry for what it really is!

… A greedy, self-serving establishment based on fundamentally flawed principles of suppression rather than healing.

Clients (Victims in reality) are gained by exposing them to a culture of fear and imminent death blinding them to other healing options

An individual with cancer needs healing – using unadulterated, powerful nutrients to empower his/her inherent healing mechanism – immune system – to heal the body.

In using the ‘human system’, the body is empowered and healing does not create side effects and side effects due to the body’s attempt to eliminate medical toxins.

In this age of enlightenment, it is inexcusable that prevailing ideas around cancer treatment exist. New cancer hospitals are being built at the great expense to the general public offering horrible experiences for the patients.

The answer is IMMUNE SYSTEM EMPOWERING solutions based on the application of unadulterated nutrients.

The MarGoneCancer Program is one such system.  It is available online and it works.

Learn more at

With best wishes,

 Maria Gonet MSc. Nutritionist

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