Maria Gonet

Creator of the MarGone Cancer Program


Master’s Degree in Pedagogy
The Jagielonski University in Krakow – Poland
Faculty of Philosophy and History

Master’s course in Human Nutrition
University of London – England
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Certified Ozone Hypothermic technician


I am passionate about the implementation of nutrition and natural healing to better and prolong human lives and eradicate suffering by providing sound knowledge that will give you a workable option to drugs, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I am dedicated to filling the void in providing the MarGone Cancer Program which is based on unadulterated products of nature, can be self-administered and with time and patience will produce phenomenal and long lasting results in perfecting human health, preventing and eradicating cancer. You will be amazed how powerful products of nature are once you learn about them and start using them.

In addition to countless hours reading and studying nutrition and natural healing I was fortunate enough to learn from nature and some of the best people in my field. With outstanding intellect and knowledge, they were humble enough not to seek fame and fortune, but extend genuine help to others. My deep appreciation and gratitude goes to Stanislaw Janas of Krosno, Poland who healed many of so called incurable diseases, including cancer and over the period of many years kept on teaching and coaching me in taking over his knowledge and experience. Mr. Stanislaw is no longer with us but I miss him a lot as I have never met a kinder human being, more loving and dedicated to his fellow man.

By now I am getting older but I can serve as an example that one can live healthy, happy and productive life without drugs and even manmade supplements which are being so strongly recommended. I rely strictly on unadulterated gifts of nature which posses all the nutrients needed for our health. I listen to my own body when it comes to food choices, chew my food very well and try not to overeat.  I walk daily, swim, hike, cycle, do morning yoga, breathing exercises and meditation at home and in nature. With my friend Teresa we go twice per week to sauna, dance classes and as often as we can to Lussier Hotsprings in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park in Canada where I now live with my family. Lussier springs are natural; sulfur water coming from the ground greatly aids in detoxification of the body and through the skin supplies minerals in water solution – directly from Mother Nature.

I also have an occasional health challenges when with tribute and gratitude I utilize power of unadulterated nature to bring my body back to balance. However, western medicine’s compass is set on a drug solution for every disease with all the known and unknown site effects.

Dr. A. Vogel author of The Nature Doctor says the following; If we seek and hope to achieve a real cure, weather in the case of a single patient or of the whole human race, that is, the survival of our natural environment, we cannot expect to achieve success unless we subject ourselves in everything to nature’s balanced laws. For I am firmly convinced that despite the great achievements and advancements of modern medical science we ourselves – even with the most sophisticated medical equipment – cannot do the healing. Only nature can heal and cure. We can help and support nature and its laws that make a cure possible.

I have raised my two children to be healthy, happy, well-adjusted, productive and compassionate members of our human community without antibiotics, medication or immunization. I wish the same success for every mother and father of our world as they love their children as much as my husband and I love ours. My MarGone Cancer Program can assist them too in successfully dealing with their own health challenges or their children’s in a very supportive and health enhancing manner. 

In my opinion losing a parent or a child to disease is one of the most difficult experiences of humans and I would love to help prevent this situation to the best of my ability, with my work.   

In my private practice, I have successfully helped countless numbers of individuals with all kinds of health issues including degenerative diseases.

To his detriment, the human being of our time strays very far from the laws of nature. Refining and adding chemicals alter the natural state of food and deplete its nutritional value.

Going against nature causes suffering and wastes productive and contented lives.

Simply said; the main causes of most of health problems include a toxic and nutritionally imbalanced body (lack of basic nutrients in food intake or improper absorption).

The only way to remedy this situation is to cleanse and provide appropriate natural support for our own defense mechanism, the immune system.

The human organism is the most amazing system and well supported it can regulate itself.

I would like to make you aware, the best I can, of new possibilities in dealing with and preventing health challenges including cancer. You are responsible however for yourself and the implementation of this knowledge. If you believe in what I am saying I would be more than happy to assist you, with the help of my knowledge and experience in enhancing and regaining health and alleviating the suffering, I love what I do and believe that I can benefit a lot of people who are open minded enough to trust in miraculous healing powers of nature and my skills in representing it.

We should be aware that old habits and believes are not easy to change and keep us hostage, but step by step change can take place. Fear of the unknown, what is against the common knowledge, paralyzes us sometimes to a point of no return but being aware of this fact is the first step to creating a lasting change.


Together, we need to create a new consciousness in philosophy and approach regarding health for the benefit of all.

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