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  1. Maria Post author

    Dearest Tom!

    I am so glad you searched long enough to have found my website – I believe that it needs lots of patience to come across my information but I hope to be wrong as I love what I do and very happy to pass on the knowledge of over 30 years of studies and practice.
    Thank you for trying to help but I did review all the suggested by you websites and found them very much related to conventional medical approach which makes me so sad to see that it is still in use.
    For example Financial assistance – why should the treatment be so expensive that a patient cannot afford? Do drugs have to coast so much or millions are being made on the misery of others. People are never deficient of drugs because they are not part of their system but NUTRIENTS are and drugs only deal with the symptoms and help temporarily with lots of side effects.
    No one can be healed by poisonous drugs and I really do not understand how so many educated people can believe in this erroneous idea – it is a shame to be part of such a backward society — so blinded to the truth. Just to give you an example of scurvy which can only be healed with Vitamin. C – no need for drugs which only further debilitate the body.
    And Cancer is not as difficult to irradiate as it is made believe but the system has to be empowered with strong acting NUTRIENTS to do the healing. And the main nutrient is Silica from plants in water solution with other supportive nutrients also from Nature. It is that simple and no need for millions of dollars and countless number of lost lives. It is a disgrace of our medical system to complicate the matter with their own interests in mind creating so much human misery when young children lose their mothers to cancer and are deprived of the most important person to help them in life. It makes me very sad to think about this cases.

    Thank you, and I have added these links to the page.