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The MarGone Cancer Program — Educational and Practical

The MarGone Cancer Program is essential to anyone who wants to maintain, correct or improve health, prevent or recover from cancer by building his own protective powers, using amazing nature’s gifts with the emphases on Whole Plant Based Silica — self-prepared in water solution. Silica restores communication between brain and the rest of the body which facilitates healing.

MarGone Cancer Program is written in two parts; Information Manual and Instruction Manual, which will introduce you to why and what you need to do to maintain or bring your body back to health and prevent disease. You can take your time for the implementation of the program, according to your preference as to which part of the program you are ready to utilize first. In the case of cancer the best and the fastest results are obtained prior to chemotherapy and radiation.

You can work on your own and at your own pace with the information provided in the program with an option to contact us at any time in regards to questions pertaining to the program and its implementation. You will be kept on our purchasers list so we can send you any future updates to the program. You may also regularly check for our blog entries for further information and to stay in touch. You are welcome to share with us your success and challenges on your road to health.

The program will be forwarded to you by e-mail upon payment and you can use it only for yourself and your immediate family members.

The cost is $1,200 USD

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    MarGone Cancer Program

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Consultations in Person, via Phone, Facebook Messenger or Skype: In addition to the program you may have an opportunity (depending on my time availability) to receive extra coaching – suggestions – encouragement – someone with know how by your side, over and above what the program offers, personalized only to your particular case (assessment of the situation based on medical reports and your specific health information provided by you with the help of the questionnaire. You can also ask for consultation prior to purchasing the program to reassure yourself of making the correct decision in regards to your particular challenge.

The cost for one hour is $250 USD

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Your health is very important to me so I have written MarGone Cancer Program to assist you in your aim of obtaining perfect health. You can now follow this amazing knowledge and truly take your health into your own hands.

Instructions are very clear and easy to follow on your own or with the help of someone close to you, in your own space.

No need to relocate to be a puppet in the mechanism of healing at any clinic which is mainly concerned with money making not your well being. Especially those which place patients on a drip – many at one time – making them believe that this is the way to healing. The time will come when I will give you my understanding of it under My Thoughts on MarGone Cancer website.

Not to feel totally on your own you can always write me an e-mail with any questions pertaining to the implementation of the program.