Seeking 5 Participants

In Search of Cancer Patients Prior to Chemotherapy and Radiation

When I worked as a Nutritionist in Kuwait for many years, I developed a methodology that has cured people of their cancer.  I have worked with cancer patients who decided not to poison their bodies with chemotherapy to try my methods.  I use natural proprietary methods that rid their body of a cancer death sentence. 

I would like to help more people and publish my findings, for that reason I need to have scientifically proven cases.  I am willing to treat up to 5 people for NO CHARGE should they have cancer and should they willingly choose not to GET CHEMOTHERAPY OR RADIATION.  I don’t want to discourage anyone from doing what their doctors tell them to do.  I am looking for people who already know they don’t want to go the chemotherapy route. The fastest results can be obtained with lung cancer and melanoma. 

In exchange for my help and delivery of natural healing strategies, I would ask that you allow me to use your name and success story in my pubishings.  If I have 5 strong, compelling stories WITH ALL THE NEEDED DOCUMANTATIONS I am sure more people will want to know about how I do it.  Perhaps then, we can offer the world a better way to cure cancer than chemotherapy rarely cures cancer. 

If you know of anyone with cancer who is not taking chemotherapy or is ready to stop, please have them contact me.